The Fashion Transformation Guide to Finding Your Personal Style

The Fashion Transformation Guide to Finding Your Personal Style

Knowing your identity and establishing it is important to claim what’s rightfully yours, be it at the national or personal level. Today, the US is identified as an independent country and therefore has access to the facilities it deserves. In short, self-recognition is critical to self-development.

Being aware of the type of person you are and finding your style is essential to following a fashion. Pretending to be someone you are not is like leaving your body and entering theirs. This guide will explain different personal style types, thus helping you in finding your own style.

How to Find Your Personal Style: Steps to Develop Your Personal Style

Fashion and style are not the same thing. A fashion is a prevailing trend followed by a number of people while a style is how you adopt it. Fashions change, but styles don’t, because they define your personality. For example, we all have seen celebs wearing the same dresses, albeit differently. That’s because they have different personalities and personal style types.

What is a Personal Style?

Your personal style is the unique way you do something, whether it’s dressing, walking, or eating. Your hair, clothes, and even your way of communication show your personal style. In short, it’s your aesthetic and behavioral approach toward something, which distinguishes you from others. Many individuals don’t care about recognizing and developing their personal style and unconsciously make the wrong choices. The following steps will aid you in finding your style so that you can avoid the mistakes and that no fashion can ever subdue your personality.

Step 1: Know the Person You Are

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, emotional or sensible, or expressive or reserved, knowing yourself is key to finding your own style. All these characteristics show the different shades of your personality and mark your likes and dislikes. For example, if you are someone who likes to lie low and stay reserved, you are likely to choose light colors and wear simpler clothes. And just so know you, simplicity is the fashion today. By paying attention to color coordination and what goes with what, you can appear sufficiently fashionable in your own unique way.

On the other hand, if you are the social, boisterous type, you are likely to be attracted to bold and bright options. Again, if your outfit is color-coordinated and appropriate to the season as well as the occasion, it’s a success.

Step 2:  Keep Your Social Status in Mind

Although we are all equal in terms of human rights, we each have a position in the society we belong. Today when we are judged based on the clothes we wear, we need to pay proper attention to our clothing to match the grace of the position. Look at the politicians of the world, most of them wear formal dresses in public. Imagine how a prime minister would look if s/he donned ripped jeans with a white turtle-necked T-shirt. You can’t even imagine that, eh? Justin Trudeau who’s one of the most stylish prime ministers today is always formally dressed up. Even if he’s wearing jeans, it’s simple and paired with a well-ironed monochrome cotton shirt with a decent leather belt and footwear.

Step 3: Understand Your Body Type

Knowing your physique is just as important as knowing your preferences and social status – because the clothes you buy will ultimately hang on it. Sometimes the colors or fits we like don’t suit us well. For instance, if you have a short or wide neck, a V-neckline top will be a much better choice than a turtleneck. It will slenderize your silhouette, drawing attention away from the neck. However, if you still wish to wear round necks, you can opt for scoop necks. Studs, long necklaces, and a shirt with the front placket open halfway down the chest are other options to create the illusion of a long neck.

Similarly, if your tummy has grown a bit because of the delicious exotic food you couldn’t resist on your holiday last month, a draped or ruched dress that fits the arms and chest while falling over the tummy without clinging to it will be a much better idea than a tight or baggy dress.

Step 4: Choose the Right Colors to Show Your True Colors

Mens Casual Cotton Linen Turn Down Collar Polo Shirt

The colors you wear reveal a lot about your personality, which is why you should choose them wisely. If you are a man who gets attracted to red, a red shirt at the workplace will have everyone looking at you. While there’s nothing wrong with a man liking such bright colors, they are generally against the decorum of a workplace. You don’t, however, have to sacrifice your choice altogether and can wear a red-and-black or red-and-white checkered shirt with blue or grey chinos for a semi-casual look. Never wear a glaring all-red shirt; it might cause people to bump into each other.

Step 5: Wrap Yourself with the Right Fabric

The choice of fabric depends on the season as well as your body type. By considering these two factors, you can put together an outfit that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Besides, comfort and confidence go hand in hand. Cotton or any other type of fabric that doesn’t stick to the body is a good option to go for in summer and/or if you have a chubby body. People with toned bodies have the luxury of wearing any type as long as it’s suited to the weather and the time of the day. 

Various Personal Styles

To cater to our different tastes in clothes, the fashion industry has categorized clothing. For Men, For Women, and Unisex are the three main categories that are even subcategorized to fulfill varied consumers’ needs. For example, some people prefer to be formal whereas others like to be semi-formal or casual.

Here are a few of those subcategories:


If you are a person of great stature, such as a minister or industrialist, you may wish to be all suited and booted.


Although youngsters and students mostly prefer to dress up informally, there is a growing number of adults who can be spotted wearing turtlenecks, shorts, jeans, and flip-flops. This demonstrates the change in people’s behaviors and approaches toward dressing. Age is no longer their concern for them when deciding what to wear. This age-defying attitude has revolutionized the fashion industry to a whole new level – and only for the better.


Silk is no longer the professional dress code in the business world today. As long as you look decent, you can wear anything. Many men today like to wear chino pants and cotton shirts for better comfort and easier movement, which are the two major reasons behind the global adoption of this style. Feel free to wear semi-formal clothes if you like to stay relaxed and laid-back.

Final Word

Finding your style and owning it is important to highlight your individuality when following a fashion. Following a fashion with no judgment is feigning a personality that’s not yours.

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