The Ultimate Fashion Guide to Choosing the Best Kids Wear

The Ultimate Fashion Guide to Choosing the Best Kids Wear

If you are a parent, you must know the overwhelming joy you feel when your kid looks to be the best-dressed kid in a playland that everyone around is looking at with adoration and wants to cuddle. However, little do they know about the hard work that goes into their dressing – multiple shopping trips, bickering with sellers, and a long bill that rips you off.

What makes keeping kids well-dressed a constant struggle is their growing bodies. The clothes you buy for them soon shrink and need to be discarded. What’s more, kids clothes are usually more expensive than those designed for adults. This guide rounds up some shopping hacks and kids fashion tips that can go a long way toward minimizing this struggle for you and easily meeting the demands of your fashionable kids.

10 Smart Fashion Tips for Choosing Kids Wear

Today you need to work smarter, not harder. Do you remember how focusing on only those topics that your teacher stressed most during class helped you prepare for a test faster and get a better grade than your friend who tried to cram everything in one day? That was you working smart and your friend working hard.

So, how can you shop smart and buy trendy kids clothes that last long and don’t throw your budget into a tailspin? Let’s learn some interesting kids fashion ideas that can save both your money and time and help you buy clothes your fashionable tyke will like to wear.

Get a List Ready Before You Get Ready

    Even if you don’t have a list, having an idea about what you need and what not will help you avoid distractions and drifting around. You will only buy what you need and be back home less tired and with more time and money for other things. You can even play around with the little one.

    Get a Size Bigger

    Your little one is in the growing phase of life – both mentally and physically. While you want to let it learn things with time, when it comes to buying clothes to cover its physique, you may act smart and get a size bigger so that you don’t have to shop soon again.

    For example, if your child falls into the 6-to-12-month age group, picking up a t-shirt from the 12-to-18-month section or a t-shirt that’s slightly bigger than your child’s size won’t be too loose. And then, the more loose a kid’s outfit is, the more comfortable it is.

    Pay Extra Attention to the Fabric

    Kids skin is softer and more sensitive than adults’ skin. Make sure the clothes you buy for them don’t cause any allergy or irritation to them. Natural fabrics which are breathable make the best choices – with cotton, linen, and cashmere, to name a few. Don’t choose jute or hemp, though. They are natural and breathable, but their texture might irritate their tender bodies.

    Buy Bright and Vibrant Colors

    Buy Bright and Vibrant Colors

    Kids are like flowers, and flowers are colorful. While you may think white and light colors suit your tot better, it’s difficult to keep them looking stain-free, no matter how hard you wash or what detergent you use. Especially if your child is a toddler, avoid buying light shades – for at least their daily clothes.

    Try Prints

    Kids wear with cartoon characters (such as Mickey and Winnie-the-Pooh) or interesting objects (such as flowers and stars) look good and hide stains. Kids who are above two years of age and can recognize those cartoons and objects enjoy wearing such children’s outfits. You can also stay relaxed, as you don’t have to change them immediately at the sight of a stain.

    Find Footwear That Fits Their Toes

    Ill-fitting footwear can cause many problems ranging from injuries to hammertoes. To your horror, it may even cause limping. Hence, always measure your kids feet when buying footwear for them.

    As well as the size, consider the design of the footwear. Heels or footwear that uses too hard materials can cause blisters. When buying closed footwear, leave some room for socks.

    Get Them Accessories

    Some kids have a keen sense of style and enjoy wearing accessories, such as brooches, hairpins, and sling bags. However, sometimes they may not feel very comfortable wearing some accessories; for example, headbands and sunglasses.

    If they don’t want to wear an accessory, don’t force them to, just because you like it on them. They might listen to you momentarily and later take it off or throw it. It will only be a waste of money.

    Kids are living, breathing human beings with a free will of their own. Even though they don’t have a well-developed sense of right and wrong, you should let them make these choices themselves. They will only grow up to be confident and independent individuals.

    For that matter, it helps to know their likes and dislikes. If they pick something you think is not suitable for them, explain to them why. Don’t just put it back and move on. 

    Buy More Casual Clothes Than Fancy Dresses

    Buy More Casual Clothes Than Fancy Dresses

    While fancy dresses such as gowns and pantsuits look good on kids, casual outfits for kids such as jeans and tees last much longer and can be worn on multiple occasions. You can always use a bright-colored belt or bow tie to make a casual outfit look fancy.

    Focus on Patterns and Designs

    Patterns such as ruches and ruffles make kids clothes interesting. A plain white cotton top with ruffled sleeves is a much better choice than one with no such patterns. Just remember – you are shopping for your kid, not for yourself. So, the choice of clothes doesn’t have to be very sober and sophisticated.

    Never Hurry It Up

    While you don’t want to spend the entire day at the mall, you shouldn’t rush either. We tend to pick up wrong things when we are in a rush. Remember haste makes waste? So, take your time and visit all the kids wear stores to find the best deals.

    Shopping should be enjoyed like a picnic, not done with like a responsibility. You are spending your hard-earned money, so you should be careful.

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